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Meeting to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the University's establishment (May 21, 2014 - May 21, 2019)

16:15 | 11/06/2019

On the morning of May 21, 2019, Kien Giang University solemnly held a meeting to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the University's establishment (May 21, 2014 - May 21, 2019) and the Innovation and Innovation Seminar in teaching and learning to review the 5-year journey of construction and development of the University, affirming the achievements achieved since the establishment of the University so far.


Delegates attending the meeting celebrated the 5th anniversary of the University's establishment


   Attending the meeting, there was TS. Truong Minh Chuan, former Vice Rector, former Chairman of the Union of Kien Giang University; Mr. Ha Duy Binh, Member of the School Council; Mr. Nguyen Huu Hanh, Member of the School Council. On the side of the school, the participation of Assoc. Dr. Thai Thanh Luom, Party Committee Secretary, Rector of Kien Giang University; Dr. Nguyen Tuan Khanh, Deputy Secretary, Vice Principal of the School; Dr. Dang Thanh Son, Chairman of the School Council and many officials and lecturers of Kien Giang University attended.


Assoc. Thai Thanh Luom, the Principal of the school expressed his opinion


   Speaking at the Meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thai Thanh Luom, Principal of the school said that after 5 years of establishment, besides the difficulties and challenges, but with the determination of the Party Committee, the School Board and the best efforts of the staff and lecturers The staff and employees soon made Kien Giang University overcome difficulties and became a training center of scale and quality equal to many universities in the Mekong Delta region and the whole country. The school's educational career in recent years has achieved many remarkable achievements.

Dr. Truong Minh Chuan, former Deputy Principal, former Chairman of the School Union spoke at the meeting

   In addition, at the meeting, the school's officials, lecturers and students are very happy and excited to welcome and meet the generations of former teachers and teachers of the University - the people who have been in the orange community for a long time, share in sweetness and share of fondness, power and sacrifice for the educational cause of the school since the early days of establishment. The meeting was very meaningful, helping staff, lecturers, employees and students in the whole school have more pride, enhance sense of responsibility, constantly learn, study, improve quality, capacity to contribute to building the school further development in the new period.


Post and photos: Le Phuong

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